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Managing a restaurant is a time-consuming and exhausting job. For the restaurateur who wishes to stay ahead of the competition, while at the same time deriving satisfaction from the job at hand, he has to be proactively involved in all aspects of managing a restaurant. Information is the key here, and he has to stay informed of all the activities and requirements to be able to take the right step towards success.

The Resto PlusTM - Restaurant Management solutions from Dinowic is a reliable and professional information system which is extremely convenient and helps you easily track key information about day to day activities in a restaurant. It gives you a birds-eye view of the proceedings, allowing you to make informed decisions, which will eventually profit your business initiative.

Resto PlusTM gives you a clear-cut, capable and reliable option to achieve better control with the restaurant processes. The intuitive and easy to understand interface facilitates use and reduces various hassles equipping you to concentrate on the needs of your customers and you core strengths so you can build on them successfully.


The feature-rich Resto PlusTM - Restaurant Management Solutions is a windows-based resourceful software that is suited for all types of restaurants, small or big. Some of the features are:

Single Screen Interface: Resto PlusTM has a single screen interface that allows easy navigation to all features of the product

Detailed Masters Menu: A comprehensive Masters menu allows you to enter core data that can be used for various transactions, any number of times controlled.

  • To aid you in managing the hotel logistics, the Masters menu lets you create Table numbers, Waiter numbers and even demarcate shift timings.
  • It helps you create and maintain ledgers and menus.
  • With the Masters menu, you can also create an inventory of raw material items.

Easy to use Transaction Menu:

  • The Transaction menu aids you in many ways.
  • The Purchase option allows you to add the details of raw material purchases.
  • The Issue (Raw Material) option allows you to issue raw materials.
  • The Bills option lets you create Orders, KOTs and Bills.
  • The Cash Recp./Payment option lets you create vouchers to record the inflow and outflow of cash.

Print Menu for Various Print Options: A handy Print menu lets you print the Purchase Register, Sales Register or the Daily Stock Reports.

Controlling User Access: The Tools menu lets you create authorized users. With this, a user’s level of access to the menu can be controlled.


The Resto PlusTM - Restaurant Management Solutions provides you with a number of benefits that help you stay on top of your business. Some of them are outlined below:

  • Simple, intuitive interface makes the system user friendly and easy to use
  • The single screen concept renders the user with better control and faster data entry
  • Provides information regarding raw materials with the click of a mouse, helping you make informed decisions on whether to purchase new raw materials or how much to release
  • Creates a general level of organization as table numbers, waiter numbers and KOT can be created with the software easily
  • Promotes efficiency among restaurant staff as there is a lot of opportunity for minimizing chaos with Resto PlusTM
  • Allows you to focus on customers and their requirements as Resto PlusTM frees you from the many hassles of restaurant management


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