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The secret of success is constancy to purpose and in doing ordinary things extra ordinarily. Yesterday we dared to struggle to design the most comprehensive program to optimize container space. Today we dare to win with p-stuff.

p-Stuff Software is the most comprehensive program to optimize container space. p-stuff is the first windows based, non-complicated program that arrives at the most optimized container stuffing plan with 3D view. Like a Pristine, it envelops within its reach, all the aspects of pre-shipping and post-shipping, pre-freight and post-freight stuffing plans. Use of p-stuff, a powerful utility, not only results in more goods per container but also leads to huge savings in the Freight cost.

p-stuff is container load planning software. It determines the “how to” offloading mixed size products onto containers. p-stuff’s 3D graphics give users complete idea in advance to preplan stuffing. Users can improve loading efficiencies and cut shipping costs by 10-40%.

    Load Optimization
  • Calculates stuffing in six possible methods and determines the optimum plan.
  • Finding best container to use for the order.
  • True “3D” viewer for determining load plans.
  • Orientation for loading in specific mode.
  • Flexibility to create various types of containers or to select from the standard ones.
  • Efficient and flexible load algorithms increase cube yield.

    Easy to Use and Fully Flexible
  • User friendly interface.
  • 3D Viewer, to easily create and visualize load plans.
  • 3D color-coded graphical display.
  • Easily select container and rapidly assemble optimal load plan.

Reports and Printouts
3D graphical views of load plans, step by step loading instructions and diagrams and comprehensive summary reports.

Benefits of p-Stuff

Anyone can see a forest fire but skill lies in sniffing the first smoke. Anyone can create a product but the skill lies in creating a product that taps into the needs of the users and effectively plugs the need gap. p-Stuff is an efficient product that plugs the need gap in an organization by optimizing container space, resulting in more goods per container. Some of its noteworthy benefits are:

  • Advance planning and calculation helps in saving huge cost.
  • Preplanned stuffing helps in saving time.
  • Helps to plan best container as well as right size of packing for the order.
  • Useful in finding wastage area and thereby to adjust accurate quantity.
  • Being reliable and innovative Increases customer satisfaction.

  • Tallying cargo according to Load Plan.
  • Ship more products per truck or container.
  • Improve productivity by decreasing the time required for case sizing and stuff planning.
  • Take the guess work out of load planning and have exact calculations prior to each shipment.
  • Achive operation efficiency with step by step loading instructions and diagram.

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