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‘Time is money’ may sound clichéd. But to the harried retail trader hoping to usher in a new era of profit by implementing a billing software solution, this very phrase becomes a stark reality. For the profit-conscious retail trader, computerizing the entire billing process translates into receiving information at their finger tips and invoices with just a snap. Billing Plus™, a new age billing software from Hazel Infotech aims to do all this and more.

Billing Plus™ is a window-based software that aids you in handling the tedious but inevitable work of creating invoices and maintaining customer information accurately. While the market maybe deluged with billing software reeling out extravagant claims, Billing Plus™ prefers to rely on the age-old concept of simplicity that leads to success.

Billing Plus™ gives you a straightforward, competent and dependable option to achieve a significant amount of control over your billing process. With its easy to understand interface, it gives your business a powerful and complete package. With billing hassles out of your way, you are better equipped to concentrate on your core strengths and build on them successfully.


A feature-rich, yet simple interface ensures that end users can perform transactions effortlessly, saving time and therefore money.

  • Single Screen Interface

    Billing Plus™ has a unique single screen interface wherein users can manage a wide variety of information such as information regarding customers, products and suppliers.

  • Create Invoices and Credit Notes

    Users can also generate invoices and credit notes from the same screen. Since all options are provided on the same screen, it naturally becomes easy for the user to perform operations, as they do not have to switch between screens. Moreover, all the customer transaction details as well as receipt entrees are available on the same screen, making it easier for users. Users are also given access to the Customer Ledger on the same screen, which makes it easier to prepare further invoices.

  • Create Master Data

    With Billing Plus™, users can enter the master data about the customer, supplier, bank or branch. Users can add, modify or delete the information about customers, suppliers, about the item, or bank and even branch. Entering the master data is a one-time activity, after which corresponding invoices and bills can be generated with the click of a mouse. Billing Plus™ also provides the unique feature for adding Product master from the same screen, where modification and deletion is also made possible.

  • Calculating Discounts

    Billing Plus™ facilitates the calculation of discounts from the single screen interface. Furthermore, discounts on different items can be calculated almost instantly.

  • Easy Search Options

    Search becomes easy with Billing Plus™. It allows you to perform searches based on a number of criteria such as codes, descriptions or specific words.

  • Controlling User Access

    Billing Plus™ is equipped with a user access section which allows the creation of authorised users. With this, a user's level of access to the menu can be controlled.


The positive effects of Billing Plus™ encapsulate and reinforce the very need for a software solution that has been created for billing purposes entirely. Some of the benefits of using Billing Plus™ are outlined below:

  • Creating and managing invoices without any hitch helps give a professional image to your company
  • Create all billing invoices swiftly, thereby saving lots of time
  • Lets you preview your reports on screen and printing them is just a click away
  • Convenient single screen interface saves valuable time
  • Easy to use interface ensures that the software can be used by anyone

Minimum System Requirement:
Hardware - Pentium with 256 MB RAM. Software - Windows XP, Microsoft® Office 2000. Networking Support - Windows NT & Win 2000
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